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The Top 3 Tattoo Removal Creams

In the beginning, tattoo removal was a very expensive process which required that you endure laser tattoo removal surgery or seek consultation from a qualified dermatologist. In the mean time, the evolution of tattoo removal creams has offered numerous people sporting unwanted tattoos a convenient and affordable alternative.

Many different types of tattoo removal creams on the market now claim to have the perfect solution for all tattoo removal problems. Skin damage can occur due to using some of these creams. The most important variable that one has to look at when choosing the type of cream he or she will use is the list of ingredients that the product contains.

To achieve desired results removal creams will need to used for a long period of time. It is very important that the ingredients within the product of choice be safe for use on the skin as research shows that products containing harmful ingredients cause blistering and scarring on the application area.

Avoid the following chemicals: Hydroquinone Trichloroacetic acid has been banned in several countries because it could cause cancer. Nevertheless, products containing this ingredient are still allowed for sale within the United States.

TCA is deemed to be a harmful ingredient due to its mode of action. TCA works by burning off layers of skin until the layers that carry the tattoo ink is eliminated. Products that contain TCA have been found to leave one with scars or blisters. You should with good reason closely look over the list of ingredients of the product.

Top 3 tattoo Removal Creams

1. Fadeplex

Fadeplex is a removal cream or fading system that works by reducing the appearance of undesirable tattoos. This cream has earned its position as one of the leaders of in the market. The greatest advantage this product offers to individuals who need tattoo removal is that it has been specially formulated to be effective on all skin types.

Use of this product presents no harmful ingredients or side affects. Furthermore, the cream has been reputed to guarantee excellent results within a relatively short period of time because the cream contains the strongest, non-toxic skin lightening ingredient known as Chromabright. This is the only cream worthy of mentioning that currently contains this particular ingredient.

Significant tattoo fading can be noticed after 3 months of use, especially if one had a lighter colored tattoo.

2. Doc Wilson's Wreaking Balm Tattoo Removal Cream

Removing tattoos using Wreaking Balm has a three step procedure.

First, the skin is prepared to receive the tattoo removal treatment. Thereafter, the formulation is applied to work on breaking up the tattoo ink within the skin. Finally, the process ends with the application of a conditioning gel which works to assist the skin in its natural rejuvenating process.

The single greatest advantage of using Wreaking balm for the removal of tattoos is that it does not contain any dangerous ingredients and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administratation.

The painless removal process is also reputed to produce significant results after 90 days of use if the density of the ink used in the tattoo is light and if the tattoo is light colored. Rest assured that the process will not result in scarring.

3. Profade

Profade, like Wrecking Balm, is a tattoo removal cream whose process involves three steps.

The first step prepares the tattoo for the removal treatment whereas the second step involves the application of a formulation that prepares the ink for the fading process. Lastly, the last tube of formula treatment is applied to begin the fading procedure. This cream brings about incredible results after three months of use due to its superior list of ingredients.

Profade has been medically tested and deemed safe for use.

In conclusion, Fadeplex, Wrecking Balm and Profade are considered to be the best three tattoo removal creams due to the quality of their ingredients. They are also well reputed to show results within 3 months or 90 days of regular use, depending on the density of the tattoo ink as well as the color used to make the tattoo.

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