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How To Choose A Tattoo - Valuable Tips For Choosing A Tattoo Design

Tattoo is an image that will likely remain on your skin forever. For this reason, you have to select a design that you will be happy to see and wear on your skin for your entire lifetime; rather than a design that you will wish to remove because you passion for it has likewise expired. Below are some valuable tips and guidelines on how to choose a tattoo design that you will not regret having marked on your skin.

Find Suitable Color

Tattoo colors are not limited to black or grey. Other colors can be used as well. Thus, when looking for your design, do not just consider the actual image. Do not be satisfied to look at the design's image only, but look closely at how the tattoo colors have shown when made on the skin. If you want a more serious impression about your tattoo, the black and grey ink tattoos will suit you. However, more colorful designs on skin portray a rather light and more vibrant personality of the one wearing the design.

Determine The Size

Skin art also differs in size. There are those that are quite small, such as simple letters only. There are also very large skin designs that can cover a person's entire torso. The size of a tattoo may be determined by how intricate you want the details to be printed on your body. Suppose you want it very detailed, but the area you prefer to cover is comparatively small; then your design might be difficult to accomplish.

Which Part Of The Body To Put The Tattoo On

This is in relation with the previous guideline. If you prefer only your arms to be marked, but you wish a large and detailed design to be used; it may difficult for the artist to do it. If you still pursue it, despite the lack of space, the end results may not be to your liking.

Consider too if you wish the skin art to be visible at all times or can be covered with appropriate clothing if you wish to hide it. Placing skin art over freckles and moles are not recommended because these spots might be significant indication of health issues such as cancer.

Find Image

In selecting designs, do not allow yourself to be carried away by fads because trends simply come and go. If you choose an image that complies with the preset trend, it could be possible that you will find that design unattractive when the present fad is over. Choose a design that you will not get tired or bored with. Choose designs that will reflect who you are.

Find Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artists are like other visual artists, each of them may be specialized in specific genres. Visit as many tattoo studios as possible. Take time in assessing the studio's features. Check out if the facilities are clean and sanitized. Sterility and sanitation is crucial because needles will be punctured on your skin to draw the image so you have to be careful not to acquire unwanted infections from contaminated tools. Look at the artist's portfolio and determine if that artist possesses the qualities you look for.

The tattoo artist can help you further in the design you want to have on your body. He can provide you with additional advice and insights so you can make the best decision regarding your tattoo.

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