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Laser Tattoo Removal - Frequently Asked Questions

When you make an appointment for laser tattoo removal, you give yourself the wonderful opportunity for a clean slate along a certain part of your body. There are several reasons to want to get rid of markings on the body but if you want it done right, it is important to pay attention to all instructions given to you by a professional. Despite what you already know about the procedure, there are still plenty of questions that most clients have about the experience.

How does the procedure work?

In laser tattoo removal, powerful equipment is used to remove the ink from the skin by breaking it into tiny pieces. The skin around the tattoo goes untouched and unaffected. The body's immune system then takes the ink and removes it from the body. Eventually the markings fade until they are no longer as visible. It takes multiple treatments to remove ink and the larger the marking, the more treatments it will require.

Is it painful?

Like many procedures involving this type of equipment, there is some pain associated with laser tattoo removal. Previous clients have likened it to a lot of bee stings all at the same time or multiple rubber bands snapping the skin. Depending on your pain threshold, you can choose to have a cold compress added to the area to make it numb. You might also consider also taking an over-the-counter- pain medication.

How can a person prepare?

Talk to the professional about your options for managing pain in advance. Also, get an idea of how many treatments you will need and how far apart they should be scheduled. You definitely want to know how much the procedure will cost. Most of the time the cost directly correlates to the size of the marking as well as the amount of ink used.

How can I take care of the area after the procedure is complete?

You are going to feel pain in the area that can be likened to sunburn. You need to make sure that you keep the area covered and allow it to heal. If you don't there is a chance of complications and you could be delaying your results. Stay out of the sun and be aware of your physical limitations. If any type of strenuous activity is going to involve the area affected by laser tattoo removal, be cautious and if you feel pain, stop immediately.

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